lower burnet district

A hotbed of recent development, the stretch of Burnet Rd. just north of 45th Street is starting to mirror S. Congress district with its wide array of shops and restaurants.

west anderson + upper burnet district

Bridging central, north, and west Austin, this district hold its own with a balanced blend of unusual retail stores, endless cuisine options, and some of the cities favorite entertainment venues.

highland + north loop + airport district

The transformation of Highland Mall into a massive campus for Austin Community College has sparked renewed interest in the central district.

north lamar + hyde park district

An area most commonly known for its large population of students, this district fuses youthful energy with long established neighborhoods, and has also seen recent development.

the domain + gateway district

A massive outdoor shopping complex — The Domain — makes this north Austin’s most important retail district. The area also boast dozens of unique restaurants and bars.

the drag + west campus district

The grandiose presence of the University of Texas (and its multitude of students) supports this Austin classic: a seemingly-endless strip of shops, eateries, and bars.

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