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clarksville + old west austin district

Dating back nearly 150 years, Clarksville is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Austin. Historic homes mingle with funky restaurants and small businesses, lending a small town vibe to this central district.

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northwest hills + far west district

Surely one of the most picturesque districts of the city, the Northwest Hills area ditches the hubbub of the city in a favor of calmer atmosphere enriched with stunning natural vistas.

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tarrytown district

Quiet, low-key and impeccably maintained, this mainly-residential historic district offers easy access to downtown Austin and the University of Texas, as well as the shores of Lake Austin.

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westlake + rollingwood district

This affluent district on the southern banks of the Colorado River is notable for many upscale residences nestled in the hills overlooking the lake and the city of Austin’s skyline.

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