Urbanspace is...

  • We are passionate about the urban lifestyle
  • We live the lifestyle we sell
  • We have specialized in Austin’s core neighborhoods since 2000
  • We say no to suburban sprawl

  • We help create Austin's finest urban projects
  • We make the development process easy for you
  • We are proven experts in project sales & marketing
  • We have spearheaded the evolution of downtown Austin
  • We are proponents of smart & sustainable urban growth

  • We offer start-to-finish interior design + modern furniture
  • We source over 50 of the world’s best furniture lines
  • We have in-depth knowledge of local residential projects
  • We support our A&D clients with a dedicated department
  • We understand space planning for urban living
  • We invite you to visit our cutting-edge furniture showroom


Request an Urban Lifestyle Guide

The Austin Urban Lifestyle Guide is Urbanspace's annual guide book to the city, detailing Austin’s downtown and urban core neighborhoods with maps of the city's major real estate offerings and dining, retail, and entertainment hotspots.