Urbanspace's internal structure is optimized for rapid marketing and sales plan initiation and execution. Our Chief Operating Officer serves as the project-specific chief of staff, working closely with our Creative Director, Creative Assistant, and experienced Realtors to craft a multi-phased and robust strategic and tactical marketing plan. By providing in-house marketing services from initial development through project completion, Urbanspace can ensure high demand for your venture and bring your vision to life with an Austin touch.

PHONE 512.457.8884
EMAIL [email protected]
801 West 5th Street, Suite 100
Austin, Texas 78703

Lara Burns

Chief Operating Officer

Kevin Burns

Broker & CEO

Meg Alley

Realtor®, Member of LAAN Sales Team & Liaison for Special Projects

Delaney Brown

Realtor®, Liaison for Special Projects

John Curry

Operations Director

Robbie Polk

Creative Director

Laura Greissing

Executive Assistant, Realtor®

Jade Shafer

Assistant Project Coordinator

Jenna Mullholand

Creative Assistant