Luxury Condo Residential Developments

Building upon its historical and long-standing expertise in vertical mixed-use developments, Urbanspace has filled a unique niche in Austin's urban real estate endeavors. Employing a specialized and unrivaled internal structure, only Urbanspace has the ability to provide full-service developmental support in every step of the process from site acquisition and market analysis to full unit occupancy and tower delivery.

Luxury Condo Development Services include:

Analysis of Market Landscape

Site Acquisition

Unit Mix Analysis

Prospective Buyer Indentification

Retail Integration

  • Robust Marketing Campaign Creation
  • Support full-scope of relational, inbound, outbound, public relations and lead generation objectives
  • Internal Masters Program to ensure a high-level of marketing and project knowledge within the sales team
  • Architectural collaboration
  • Optimization of tower aspects such as floor plans, finishes, appliances, plumbing and light fixture selections, and amenity offerings to create highest-value returns
  • Daily execution of marketing and sales activities (including social media, blogs, press, etc.)
  • Comprehensive management of the purchase process from reservations through contract conversion and closing

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