Courtney Roach - Assistant Controller



After receiving her Masters in Accountancy, Courtney Roach began her career as an accountant for an oil and gas operator. It was a great experience and gave her the pleasure of working with some amazing people. After 8+ years, she decided to take some time to focus on getting her CPA before joining the Urbanspace team. 

With the observation of growth in Austin, Courtney’s interest in the real estate industry has developed immensely. Courtney left Austin for a little while to attend the University of Georgia in Athens, where she continued her studies, but could not wait to get back to Austin. Courtney’s passion for navigating puzzles and the fulfillment in solving them is exactly what drives her in her work. Thus, accounting has always come quite naturally to her, as it gives her the feeling of doing just that – solving a puzzle. In her work, Courtney finds gratification in preparing a company’s financial information, to provide leadership with insights into growth opportunities, as well as, areas that could use improvement. Her role at Urbanspace fulfills the coalescence of both her passion for accounting and her fascination in the real estate industry.

Courtney’s role as an accountant does not lend herself to a lot of client interaction, but her experience in the service industry as a student taught her that you never know what someone is going through, so being kind and patient to everyone can go a long way. 

Outside of work, Courtney’s passion is animals – particularly pugs. She enjoys fostering for Pug Rescue of Austin and contributing to their organization both monetarily and with her time at their fundraising events. Some of her favorites include Pug Prom, Pugkin Fest, and Let it Snore! She also enjoys reading, trying all of the amazing restaurants around town, and being with her family. Zilker Park is Courtney’s favorite Austin hotspot for both fun and serenity, where she can spend hours under the gorgeous trees while watching her dogs live their best lives.


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Courtney Roach