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Live Like the Locals

There will be a new kid on the block coming Spring of 2019 for Austin East-siders. ARRIVE is a boutique style hotel that provides rooms, retail space, restaurants, bars, and 3,500 sq ft of meeting/event space. This 83 room hotel will be front desk free putting check in at the bar. You saw it right the BAR! This unique design requires the guest to immerse themselves in the Austin culture right off the bat. ARRIVE is inviting locals to enjoy the restaurants/bars and make them apart of their own social scene.

“East Austin’s energy is magnetic. It is one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in the country and one we are proud to join and celebrate. And we look forward to embracing and supporting the local community of East Austin.”

ARRIVE opened their first hotel in Palm Springs in 2016. The hotel was a huge success providing a new sense of community for the area. Locals thrive in the spaces provided by the hotel and welcome visitors with open arms. The culture of a neighborhood versus a standard hotel chain is refreshing and creates an environment that people are drawn to.

Invite your out of town friends to drop in and experience the Austin Lifestyle with us at ARRIVE! Be apart of the movement that is making waves! (P.S. you also get a free drink at check in)

Photos and information found  on www.arriveenterprises.com and www.mystatesman.com/arrivehotel


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