Why Sell Your Home with Urbanspace?

Urbanspace is a leading Austin real estate firm that specializes in real estate for urban lifestyles. Urbanspace has steadily remained the frontrunner in the Downtown Austin realty market by offering not only client-focused real estate services, but also has a proven track record for successfully selling homes. We will help you effortlessly navigate the waters of marketing your homes on the Austin MLS and provide you with our expertise and service. 

  • Focus on the “lifestyle” associated with urban living.
  • Downtown and Urban Core real estate Agents with over a decade of experience.
  • More than $200,000,000 in sales of Downtown Austin condos
  • Powered by marketing / PR / creative / client service / technology professionals.
  • Many of Urbanspace's Agents along with the Owner live Downtown.
  • Premiere Downtown office.


1. Sales methodology: Urbanspace understands why people buy the homes they buy. There's no "shot-gun" approach to sales. Kevin's sales approach is targeted to find a unique buyer for unique homes. He's able to secure a buyer with an emotional connection to a space. Kevin also has his finger on the pulse of the market. Even in difficult market environments, he's managed to sell my properties because the buyer wanted the home and both sides were able to agree on a fair market price.

2. Options: When the right buyer wasn't there, Kevin set up my properties with good tenants and high rents, enabling me to earn income while he continues to focus on finding a strong buyer. Kevin's execution on "Plan B" has strengthened my confidence in the urbanspace team's ability to help me navigate through Austin's ever-changing real-estate market.

3. Negotiations: Kevin loves the art of the deal, the science of finding a bargain, and the joy uncovering a diamond in the rough. He's not afraid to ask a seller for the little things that help seal a deal. On the buy side, I've received autographed T-shirts from a celebrity seller and on the sales side, I've been asked to add my bar-b-que into a sale to help close a deal. What can I say - those little things help and Kevin understands that sort of thing.

4. Network: Working with Urbanspace means working with a deep network. Austin is a dynamic town and urbanspace and Kevin are connected to dynamic people. From having "a guy" for any task around the house to connections to pretty much any Downtown institution, working with Urbanspace opens the door to Austin.

Jordan Scott - Residential Client

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